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Product Creation Demystified

Product Creation Demystified

Product Creation Demystified – So you want to make money online?

This Is What You’ll Find Inside:

  • Find out what kind of product you’re creating thanks to the guide inside Product Creation Demystified, and your outline will almost write itself
  • Use all four learning styles (which you’ll discover inside the book) to assure happy readers – and an easy product-creation process for you

You’ll also learn about writing your book and formatting it, so it’s ready to sell. (I talk about “writing” but you can use the same process to create a video product.)

  • What makes for a good wine (yes, it’s related to product creation. Wine is also a product), and what you can learn from it. (Page 5)
  • How to crank out a product in five minutes like this artist. (Page 6)
  • Four reasons why product creation is better than affiliate marketing. (Page 7)
  • The two first questions you must ask before outlining your product. (Page 8)
  • How to define your product so you can start the outlining process. (Page 9)
  • The two things your product should contain. (Page 12)
  • The four types of learners and how to use them to make your product great. (Page 15)
  • How to increase your productivity while you write (or record). (Page 18)
  • How to go from outline to written text in three easy steps. (Page 21)
  • What to do when you can’t find the right words. (Page 23)
  • How to edit your book to make sure you didn’t skip anything important. (Page 27)
  • How to format your book (only relevant for books, not video), including how to add a table of content and more. (Page 31)
  • How to convert your book into PDF format. (Page 33)

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