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Mozilla Firefox 57.0.2






Mozilla Firefox 57.0.2 is the fastest now with 2x times. Works more efficient as compared to chrome and its utilization of memory is less from chrome and any other internet browser. The browsing is now fastest ever as world is around the internet on your devices. Who works faster, gets more. Mozilla Firefox created in 2002 and people like it so much that it grow to 32% in 2009. Mozilla Firefox 57.0.2 used many standard protocol of HTML, CSS and Java scripting to speed up the internet.


Simple and most pleasant interface with a high speed processing browser that saves your system resources. As a result your devices will be free to use more applications. IT has followed security protocols of HTTPS to secure your browser from threats. Your device is more secure from previous version.


New Features

  • Firefox come up with key Graphic Redesign (Photon project) and will be activated with latest release Firefox 57.0.2
  • In the title bar you can see the Accessibility indicator and there are many services that are enabled.
  • You internet is now much more secure.
  • Date and Time input is now supported to be updated
  • Users will be allowed to manage the change in site data accordingly.
  • Middle mouse paste in the content area on Unix systems no longer navigates to URLs by default
  • Mozilla Firefox 57.0.2 browser with feature “autoscrolling” is now uses asynchronous scrolling, in the way that you use the mouse wheeling method from your connected mouse. The experience is now at high level of comfort.
  • More restricted protection (level 3) on your Linux environment.
  • You may search faster with special search tab, bookmark pages and use them later on.


Size of file:          36.8MB

OS:                     Windows / macOS / Linux

Last updated:      December 8, 2017