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6-Figure Drop Servicing Business

6-Figure Drop Servicing Business

6-Figure Drop Servicing Business – My Unconventional Approach To Starting And Scaling A Drop Servicing Business That Generates $350k A Year With Just 3 Hours A Week Of Work.

Here’s just a fraction of what’s inside and what it might mean for your business:

  • THE GAMECHANGING SHIFT: One little-known shift to make to your business model that will allow you to work less, make more, and attract only your dream clients!
  • ​This one simple shift will revolutionize your business and drive clients to you in DROVES.
  • SERVICE BUSINESS 2.0: Discover how to go from a glorified freelancer working 50-70 hours a week, being bullied by clients, barely scraping by ..
  • ​To working 2-10 hours per week, wildly profitable, with a highly systemized and scalable MACHINE!
  • PLUG YOUR EARS! You’ve been fed terrible mis-information by these “fly-by-night” marketers and their shiny objects.
  • ​There are only three core beliefs you must adopt to achieve sustainable profits, and they work in perfect synergy when applied together.
  • ​Warning: Adopting these beliefs may lead to you completely dominating your market, catapulting your business,  and outselling your competition while they’re left scratching their heads in wonder.
  • THE FIVE ONES: The only fivepillars your online business needs to skyrocket past the $100k/yr mark.
  • ​Learn the same five things that have built some of the world’s most successful companies like Salesforce, PayPal, and Tesla!
  • STEAL THIS: My secret 3QT technique for picking a killer niche fast .. without headaches and wasting time!
  • ​Learn how to become the “Neurosurgeon” of your market that makes your message stronger, sales process easier, and paycheck larger!

How To Build A Lean, Green, Drop Service Machine

  • How to design your freedom business the RIGHT way from the start! 
  • ​Discover how to avoid the deadly mistake most service providers make when building their business that keeps them stuck in a nightmare scenario!
  • How to lure clients AWAY from your competitors .. The secret is this three-step formula that’s built to work even if you’re an “unknown nobody”.
  • The easiest way to create major demand for what you’re selling (it’s not what you think!)
  • ​Forget hype and the typical “marketing” you’re used to (and sick of). This simple approach works like crazy – and it doesn’t even take money to deploy it.
  • How to pick what service to deliver without stress or overwhelm.  
  • ​Discover the 4 keys to picking a service that’s insanely scalable, valuable, and practically guarantee that your niche will buy it!
  • How to craft enticing offers that your niche can’t refuse!
  • ​Learn a unique way to design, price, and map out your offer so that your prospect would be foolish not to buy it. 

Discover A Bulletproof Client Acquisition Strategy

  • The easiest, proven strategy to get your first 3-5 clients.
  • ​Discover the killer three-step “PQC” strategy and how you can use it to secure your first client in a matter of DAYS!
  • The only two things that matter until you hit $100k/yr+ in your online service business.  
  • ​You’ll learn how to use the PQC strategy to block out any distractions that pull you away from these two things!
  • How to use the “Hunting” strategy to get a cold market who’s never heard of you before to be interested in your offer.
  • ​I’ll show you exactly what to say, where to say it, and when to say it.
  • ​This one section alone can literally alter the course of your business and ensure you never run out of leads again!
  • How to qualify leads in 15 minutes or less .. so that you never waste time talking to “tyre kickers” again.
  • ​I’ll reveal the four things you must find out to determine if a prospect is a fit or just going to waste your time.  
  • ​This will give you HOURS back every week!​
  • The simple “Demo” framework we use to predictably convert leads into CLIENTS! 
  • Discover our exact framework for running a demonstration that can convert 30%+ of your leads into high-ticket clients, and collect payment on the call.
  • ​This framework has led to over $500,000 in sales for our agency over the last 1.5 years!

How To Deliver Incredible Service That Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

  • The #1 source of all client issues and how to avoid this deadly mistake! 
  • ​This one thing is literally responsible for every “bad client” you’ve ever had, and it’s so easy to fix! 
  • How to onboard new clients smoothly so that you both get off on the right foot.
  • ​Learn the three primary goals of a “New Client Onboarding” process and how to create one that’s tailored to your business.
  • Two proven strategies to deliver your service .. without doing all the work yourself.
  • ​I’ll reveal how to use systems, processes, automation, and “other people’s time” to keep your client’s HAPPY and staying for the long haul!

How To Remove Yourself From The Business (Eliminate, Automate, Delegate)

  • How to identify and eliminate all the useless waste in your business.
  • ​This exercise will help you to quickly pinpoint anything that isn’t delivering massive value to your clients so that you can get more time back, get better results, and make more money!
  • How to setup automated systems that take care of all your repetitive tasks. 
  • ​I’ll reveal our process and the “Golden Tool” to help you become a master at automation.
  • How to create SOPs and hire overseas employees for as low as $2.50/hr!
  • ​Learn how to buy back your time by delegating all of your low-level tasks out to virtual assistants who get it done for you!

How To Scale Your Business To The Next Level

  • How to build “The Machine” .. a funnel that can automate your sales process.
  • ​I’ll reveal our 5-step automated sales funnel that puts “hot leads” on my calendar without me lifting a finger.
  • Discover the “Salesman That Never Sleeps”!  
  • ​Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an incredible salesperson who would work for you 24/7/365 without pay?​ You can!  
  • ​I’ll show you how to ‘hire’ this salesman in this section.
  • How to add fuel to the fire and scale even faster with a paid advertising funnel.
  • ​I’ll show you the layout of our exact Facebook Ads funnel and the four key elements to develop the “Winning Ad Formula”.

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