Adobe Flash Player Beta [Latest Version + Free]

Adobe Flash Player Beta


Adobe Flash Player Beta is the best runtime to run your browsers mobile and other devices. The software provides the cross platform runtime environment for your programs running on your computer and mobiles.  It supports many platforms like iOS Android for mobiles and for computers it supports linux, windows and macOS.


The software is used for more than 700 million computers and other devices. Adobe Flash Player Beta runs your browser with all scripts, streaming videos, applications and internet browsing.


New Features

It software supports many data formats such as XML, JSON, AMF, SWF and supports many multimedia formats such as MPS, FLV, PNG, JPEG, GIF and supports streaming protocols like HTTP, TCP. The latest update is with high level performance pack in which your programs will run much faster and with higher quality. The update is with Enhanced mouse control in such a way that you can run mouse and play games more smoothly. Video is now clearer than ever with HD video quality. Many other features are included like 3D options for games and Full screen support.


Size of free downloadable File:               19.4 MB




1- Download Adobe Flash Player 28 Beta for Safari, Firefox and Netscape – NPAPI (for Mac)
2- Download Adobe Flash Player 28 Beta for Firefox and Netscape – NPAPI (for Linux 32-bit OR 64-bit)
3- Download Adobe Flash Player 28 Beta for Internet Explorer – ActiveX (32-bit OR 64-bit)
4- Download Adobe Flash Player 28 Beta for Firefox and Netscape Plug-In – NPAPI (32-bit OR 64-bit)

5- Download Adobe Flash Player (Internet Explorer 32-bit OR 64-bit)
6- Download Adobe Flash Player (for Firefox – NPAPI 32-bit OR 64-bit)
7- Downloads for all OS